PhD seminar in Paris: States, Sectors, Firms, Growth

June 25, 2019

In May 2019, fifteen early career researchers met for a three-day doctoral seminar at MaxPo, the joint Sciences Po and MPIfG research center in Paris. The seminar, which was organized by Lucio Baccaro and Olivier Godechot, focused on current developments in economic sociology and political economy and on the question of intensifying exchange between the two disciplines. The keynotes were given by Silja Häusermann (University of Zurich) on the transformation of party competition, Jonas Pontusson (University of Geneva) and Lucio Baccaro on the political economy of growth models, and Nathan Wilmers (MIT) on earnings inequality. For the doctoral students of the IMPRS-SPCE, the seminar was an opportunity to present and receive feedback on their work.

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