International Partners

International Partners

International cooperation is crucial given the transnational character of research in economic sociology, comparative and international political economy, and organization studies. Our doctoral program gives students the opportunity to spend up to four months at a North American, French, or Italian partner institution in order to gain international experience and develop their work in an international context. The IMPRS-SPCE also hosts visiting doctoral students from abroad, which expands its own students’ intercultural skills and professional networks. Public lectures by internationally renowned scholars enhance the program.

In the US, our partners are:

Northwestern University

Department of Political Science
Department of Sociology

Columbia University

Department of Sociology

University of California, San Diego

Department of Sociology

In France, we cooperate closely with:

Sciences Po

Centre d'études européennes
Centre de sociologie des organisations

In Italy, we work together with:

European University Institute

Department of Political and Social Sciences

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