Scholar in Residence Lecture Series
This year’s Scholar in Residence is Basak Kus, Associate Professor of Government at Wesleyan University, who joins the MPIfG in March for a four-month stay. Kus teaches and writes about the interplay between the state, capitalism, and democracy, particularly in the United States, and how governments respond to crises and risks across fields such as finance, climate change, and national security.
The first lecture will take place on May 28. The next ones will follow on June 4 and 18.


Hoarding Opportunities: Entrepreneurship and Inequality

Sep 25, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024

Freiheit der Wissenschaft in polarisierten Zeiten

Nov 21, 2024 - Nov 22, 2024


Kathleen R. McNamara
Jan 29, 2025 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM (Local Time Germany)
Fields of Research
Aiming to combine and develop the approaches of economic sociology, comparative and international political economy, and organization studies, the School’s research investigates the complex linkages between economic and social action.
Our Students
The IMPRS-SPCE admits up to eight students a year. The ability to do scholarly work in English is a prerequisite for admission. We welcome students from Germany and abroad.
Living in Cologne
Based at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in the heart of southern Cologne (the Südstadt) and the University of Cologne, graduate students at the IMPRS-SPCE can start to explore Germany from their local Severin and Sülz neighborhoods.
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