Christine Trampusch

Political Science

Christine  Trampusch

Christine Trampusch

Professor of International Comparative Political Economy and Economic Sociology University of Cologne

Christine Trampusch holds the Chair of International Comparative Political Economy and Economic Sociology at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics (CCCP) at the University of Cologne. Her professorship is also the Liaison Chair (Brückenprofessur) to the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies. Her research covers studies on the social and political foundations of labor markets and financial markets in advanced capitalist democracies. In her work, she assumes that the analysis of capitalism comprises more than the analysis of exchange and allocation processes on markets. Currently, she (co-)leads the third-party funded research project "GOVPET: Governance in Vocational and Professional Education and Training".
Her current research projects investigate the political economy of the relationship between public debt and financial markets, the origins and change of varieties of capitalism, the political economy of impacts of migration on skill systems and welfare states, and how the digital economy challenges industrial relations and public policies.

Research Fields:

  • Business power
  • Institutions
  • Policy analysis
  • Industrial relations
  • Welfare state
  • Financialization
  • Public debt
  • Digitalization
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