Mark Ebers

Organization Studies


- not available as advisor for new IMPRS doctoral studens in 2021 -

Mark Ebers

Mark Ebers

Professor of Business Administration, Corporate Development and Organization University of Cologne

Organizational research as conducted by Mark Ebers constitutes a critical addition to the School. Organizations are core actors that constitute important opportunities and constraints for economic action, both with organizations and in the wider institutional fields of which organizations are a part. At the same time, organizations generate, incorporate, and enact many of the institutional structures that influence economic action in society, on markets, and in political institutions. In this context, Professor Ebers is generally interested in how organizations are influenced by and influence their wider institutional  environment, how organizations are designed, how they change, and how they shape the actions of, and outcomes for, their stakeholders.
In his research, Professor Ebers has utilized a number of research methods, from survey research to qualitative case analyses. His research has examined a number of organizational phenomena, among them social capital, absorptive capacity, organizational ambidexterity, dynamic capabilities, organizational learning and innovation, post-merger integration processes, and entrepreneurship.

Research Fields:

  • Exploration, exploitation, and ambidexterity
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • Organizational design, and change
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Networks and social capital

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