Arjan Reurink Wins 2022 Journal Prize

December 22, 2022

The Society of Friends and Former Associates of the MPIfG awarded its 2022 Journal Article Prize for the best article in a peer-reviewed journal to Arjan Reurink. Reurink received the 750-euro award at the MPIfG Annual Colloquium in November for “Competing for Capitals: The Great Fragmentation of the Firm and Varieties of FDI Attraction Profiles in the European Union,” co-authored with Javier Garcia-Bernardo. In their paper the authors take an innovative look at the topic of foreign direct investment, in which there has been a dramatic expansion over the past decades. The jury praised the paper for its sophisticated and informative data analysis and visualization, which made clear how firms attempt to use the benefits of different locations for their investments. The paper was published in 2021 in the Review of International Political Economy. Arjan Reurink was a doctoral researcher at the IMPRS-SPCE from 2016 to 2019.

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