International Max Planck Research School
on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy


The IMPRS-SPCE In-House pages provide information for graduate students and faculty members of the IMPRS-SPCE.
Graduate students and faculty members of the IMPRS-SPCE.

Access Via Local Area Network

If you are working in the MPIfG building or are connected to the MPIfG local area network via VPN, you can use the following links to go directly to the IMPRS-SPCE In-House pages:
IMPRS Graduate Team Site (for graduate students) IMPRS Office Team Site (for faculty members)

Access Internet

If you are working outside the institute, you can use the internet to access the IMPRS-SPCE In-House pages. Use this login to go onto the sharepoint server with your MPIfG username and password:
Login to IMPRS-SPCE In-House from the web

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